Why have one plane, when you can have the whole fleet

Hello, and welcome to the another edition of ACI’s Flight Line newsletter. We at ACI appreciate our continued success that is due not in any small part to you, our customer. When we started ACI, our goal besides being the safest, most efficient, most professional charter service in Southwest Florida, is to provide the right aircraft for the mission at hand. Our first aircraft, the Pilatus PC-12 introduced many of you to a new era in regional travel, now you could leave in the morning, arrive at many destinations statewide within the hour, complete a days worth of business and still arrive home before dinner.

As your business has grown so has ACI, we have always wanted our customers to feel as though they belong to a private travel club, able to use the right aircraft at the right price at the right time. We are happy to report that we have done just that. You now have a fleet of three aircraft at your disposal with two more in the process of being added.

They are a Piper Navajo, Pilatus PC-12, and the Piper Seneca IV. Look for detailed descriptions of these aircraft in this and future issues of Flight Line. With the addition of these aircraft ACI has transformed from a regional service to a national one, getting you, your employees and your family to more destinations without the airline hassle, waiting in line for hours, crowded or canceled flights and numerous delays. As always we sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to providing you our brand of excellent customer service on a future flight.

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