Customer Testimonials

"ACI always provides the best care and attention to the details and flexibility of my travel with them. I am always met with a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Glenn, Christi and all the employees couldn't be more friendly and helpful. ACI is my only choice for flying!" -Pam, ACI Customer

"For over many years, we have used ACI for business and leisure travel. We have found them to be very accommodating and efficient in their scheduling and pricing. The pilots are knowledgeable and professional and the equipment is well maintained. ACI's services have made a difference in our efficiency be allowing us to travel on our own schedule. Instead of travel on our own schedule. Instead of "traveling a day to work a day" on commercial carriers. ACI has made it possible work efficiently in one day and return home for the evening and ready to work the next day" -Shawn R. McIntyre. Partner-North American Properties

"I have had the great fortune to use. ACI for multiple trips over the last year. The pilatus aircraft is a pleasure to fly in and the pilot, MAx and James were very professional. My guests, including my family felt at ease even though several have anxiety when flying. Christi, in front office has always been friendly and accommodating even when plans change slightly. I have referred several friends who have loved their experience as well. I would not hesitate to give ACI my highest recommendation. I wish I could fly with them all the time. You will never want to go commercial again." - Fletcher, ACI Customer